Views of Calvary

A photographer’s perspective of the cross through the lens of scripture.
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What the Cross Means to Me

30 images alongside 30 original essays, hymns, and poems by some of the top Christian leaders.

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About Rob E. Holt

Rob E. Holt is an inspirational photographer with decades of experience providing corporate and entertainment imagery, including professional sport assignments in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and the National Basketball Association. LEARN MORE

Rob E. Holt


When someone asks what it is about photography that I love, my answer is that imagery provides me the ability to transmit a feeling.

Podcast / Radio

I started at a local radio station, presenting a weekly devotional focused around the Cross of Christ. The Radio program evolved into a podcast.


This fall, I am launching my 2nd book, Views of Calvary. It contains 31 cross images along with 31 devotionals based on a particular cross image.



I followed the prompting of the spirit to share the gospel through the written word, I then began the process of sharing these messages verbally.

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In Views of Calvary, Rob has paired 31 of these images with their own devotion, inspired by the title of that image. Through his words and photography, you’ll be reminded that while everything around your life may be in flux, the plan, purpose, and power of the cross never moves. There are several unique rewards for your support. From advanced (signed) copies to other cross products & prints.


Thank you for your support, even if it just your prayers.

Views of Calvary by Rob E. Holt