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Photographer, Author, Speaker

In a few words

Rob E. Holt is an inspirational photographer with decades of experience providing corporate and entertainment imagery, including professional sport assignments in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and the National Basketball Association.

Over the years, he has fallen in love with the process of transmitting a feeling through photographs.

“I preach to the glory of our creator by capturing and sharing what the Creator has created. My mission is to share the gospel through my imagery, the spoken word and the written word.”

Rob E. Holt

When his wife died, he started on a spiritual journey, contemplatively capturing sunsets. His mission is to share the gospel through imagery and the spoken and written word.

My History

The Images

Each chapter is inspired by and bears the name of a particular cross image.

The Scripture

The name of the cross image inspires the selection of a bible verse, setting the tone for that chapter

The Devotional

The theme of each devotional is inspired by the name of that cross image and the tone of the accompanying scripture.

The Devotional 

After shooting the cross for a few years, I toured a gallery show and published a book titled What the Cross Means to Me by Harvest House Publishing. My newest book, Views of Calvary is set to release in the fall of 2022.


Each chapter is rounded out by a quote from a Saint or an excerpt from an old church hymn

Rob E. Holt
Rob E. Holt Photography