As the school campus, that erected the cross, was completed, I realized that my time of capturing was at an end.

I started down another path, which was to share these cross images with the world via a 20 image gallery show. The show toured around Northern California as well as Medford Oregon, Seattle Washington and Boise Idaho.

It was during the tour that an executive of the Thomas Kinkade company approached me about my next steps of this cross collection.

He was so excited about the art, and it’s potential for inspiring people, that he approached a publisher and almost effortlessly What the Cross Means to Me was launched. The book contains 30 Cross images along with 30 exclusive essays from a wide array of well known Christian leaders. This has evolved into a Cross blog and a mission to share the gospel through the written word. This fall, I am launching my 2nd book, Views of Calvary. The book contains 31 cross images along with 31 devotionals based on the name of a particular cross image. I chose 31 in order for some to use this book as a monthly devotional.

I write to you, my dearly beloved, in which I stir up by way of admonition … your sincere mind. – 2 Peter 3:1

My History


After many years as a traditional photographer, I lost my wife to cancer. I then began seeking out sunsets and skyscapes to contemplate and photograph. This hillside cross became my secret place, my hiding place for a few years.


I began to spend time alone with the solitary cross on that empty hill, which became my place of solace and artistic expression. About a year into creating the collection, the ground was broken ahead of the construction of the Valley Christian School campus.


After shooting the cross for a few years, I toured a gallery show and published a book titled What the Cross Means to Me by Harvest House Publishing. My newest book, Views of Calvary is set to release in the fall of 2022.


I apply my cross on a wide variety of products, including wall decor, banners, posters, calendars, bookmarks as well both greeting cards and prayer cards. You can learn more about licensing options of these cross images at Foto4P.com

Rob E. Holt
Rob E. Holt Photography